The physician dashboard is a general overview report of the condition of your billing. It is not meant to be used monthly to determine how much of your billing has been paid primarily because the report is by service date, not the date of remittance. There are other very useful components of this report that highlight things like: your most common rejection or underpayment reasons, what you bill most commonly, time to remittance per claim by service date, etc.

The Standard MOHLTC Pay "Period"

One common confusion is that the very end of the graph shows claims that are only half paid (or rather not paid in full like the rest of the graph). This is primarily due to the accepting of claims for a period by the MOHLTC. As you enter claims over a month, you will eventually start submitting claims that will be accepted in the next remittance (usually from the 1st to around the 18th) and those that will be accepted in the subsequent remittance (anything from after they stopped accepting claims). This is visibly shown in the primary chart on the physician dashboard report as the different areas at the end of the graph. The section in blue indicates claims that have been accepted versus the red section of the graph which indicates claims that have not been accepted yet.

The best way to reconcile your claims and make sure you're being paid for everything accepted in a single "period" is to use the following:

  • Paid Claims (Detailed) Report

  • Remittance File (Summary) Report

There is more information about this in these articles:

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