In the submission of the new temporary H409/H410 COVID assessment services, you need to submit them using a COVID assessment centre group number that looks like this: M123. The assessment group number will have, or should be, been shared with you so that you can bill those hours of work in the assessment centre.

To do that, add the assessment centre group number to your list of group numbers under Account > Care Provider Settings:

Using the COVID assessment group number

To make it simple to not make a mistake, we highly suggest splitting your workflow so that you can easily see that you aren't adding your normal claims under this group number. To do that, go to Account > Workflow and divide the workflow by group number:

Dividing by group number makes it easier to see work in each group

You'll then see two entries on the workflow that need to be saved (click "Finish):

Those two entries will correspond directly to what you have on your dashboard.

Once that is complete, you can then add those H409/H410 claims to the new group without worrying that you might be mixing them up with your regular claims. It also gives you the opportunity to report on just the COVID assessment centre work separate from the normal billing.

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