Clinical Support Systems will make available on its website information to stakeholders on how to make a privacy complaint. As appropriate, these complaints will be referred to the Privacy and Security Officer. Clinical Support Systems will endeavor to assess and respond to complaints within a reasonable period of time. As long as complainants furnish a contact e-mail or postal address, they will be kept appropriately informed of the status. Any investigation and related information will be kept strictly confidential, subject to the need to conduct a full and appropriate investigation. Clinical Support Systems reserves the right to choose not to investigate complaints judged as unfounded or frivolous.


Repeated and well-founded complaints not satisfactorily addressed or resolved may be referred to a higher management level, which may include the CEO.

All questions and complaints should be communicated via email at or by phone at 1-613-767-8864. Written complaints can also be sent directly to Clinical Support Systems at:

Clinical Support Systems

20 Gore Street, Suite 101

Kingston, Ontario, K7L 2L1

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