To begin using CabMD, you'll need to have a valid Ministry of Health GoSecure account. GoSecure is a web-service based system that the Ministry of Health uses to enable users to submit EDT files, and receive any feedback. GoSecure is the successor to the older GoNet (modem based) and floppy disk submissions.

The following are examples of the types of files that are uploaded or downloaded from your MCEDT/GoSecure account automatically:

Uploaded Files

  • Health Reconciliation File - A list of claims being submitted by a user, including premiums).

Downloaded Files

  • Batch File - When CabMD submits claims, the Ministry of Health sends back a confirmation that they were received. Batch files are generally received and processed 24-48 hours after the input file is uploaded and submitted to the MOHLTC.

  • Rejection File - Lists the claims that are being rejected from a batch, explaining why each claim was rejected). Rejection files are generally received and processed 24-48 hours after the batch file. If there are no rejections received after that period, there is a good chance your claim will be paid.

  • Remittance File - Lists the claims that are being paid from a batch, explaining any differences in amounts paid). These files are delivered monthly, generally the first week of the month. Remittance files are processed after hours.

  • Error File - Some files are not correctly formatted, if they are - they are completely rejected. These files are extremely rare. They would indicate a formatting issue at the software vendor level.

CabMD automatically connects to GoSecure on your behalf, and uploads any submitted claims that you may submit through the CabMD user interface, and then automatically downloads any existing files in their system and processes them for easy use by the user. This means that you won't have to own a modem, or have any connection to the Ministry of Health - we do it all for you! 

Also, when claims get rejected - we highlight and tell you in English exactly why the Ministry of Health did not accept the claim, allowing you to easily correct the claim and resubmit.

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