GoSecure is a web service and website provided by the Government of Ontario for securely transmitting electronic files containing patient information and claims. The Ministry of Health makes this service available to physician providers and medical billing agents for billing transactions.

OHIP submissions may be sent, and claim error reports and remittance summaries received, via web service, by using this electronic service.

When using CabMD, you will never be required to manually upload/download files - that's one of the great benefits you'll enjoy. All connectivity is automated, and currently operates on a rolling 12 hour schedule.

Health Card Validation (HCV)

We integrate with the available health card validation system in a number of ways:

  • Patient version codes are checked hourly for all unsubmitted claims.

  • When entering the health card number of a patient, if we don't have them in the system then CabMD can search the Ministry to auto-complete the first/last name, date of birth (DOB) and gender. This saves you time typing all that information in.

  • When scanning OHIP cards in, you can validate the version code immediately so you'll know if the claim will be rejected before you even create the claim.

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