CabMD is a great way to submit and manage your claims on a daily basis, automating the sending and receiving of EDT files to and from the Ministry of Health. To do this, CabMD requires an accessible MCEDT/GoSecure account for each corresponding Billing Agent or Care Provider.

Any provider or billing agent wishing to conduct billing through the Ministry of Health's GoSecure EDT service must first apply to the ministry for an MCEDT/GoSecure user account. This holds true even when a provider bills through an agent who is already approved to use the system: the provider must still obtain a user account from the ministry for his/her billing to be accepted through the billing agent's CabMD account.

MCEDT Enrollment Summary

  1. Close any open Internet browser sessions.

  2. Open a new Internet browser session and key in or our new shorter URL

  3. At the GO Secure Login screen, select ‘Register Now’.

  4. At the Registration: Step 1 of 2 screen, key first name, last name and email address.

  5. Select ‘Next’.

  6. At the Registration: Step 2 of 2 screen, key your active email address in the GO Secure ID field. Note: An email address can only be associated to one GO Secure account.

  7. Key in your password.

  8. Confirm your password.

  9. Choose 3 questions and key your answers.

  10. Select ‘Register’.

  11. At the GO Secure Terms and Conditions of Use screen, select ‘Accept’.

  12. At the GO Secure Login – Registration Complete screen, close the Internet browser.

  13. Open your email.

  14. Select the system generated email from GO Secure.

  15. Select the link in the email.

  16. Close your email account and Internet browser.

  17. At the GO Secure Login screen, key in your GO Secure ID (your email address) and password.

  18. Select ‘Sign In’.

  19. At the GO Secure Login – Email Validation screen, select here.

  20. At the Identification screen, choose either ‘New User’ or ‘Migrating User’from the drop down menu (refer to your ministry letter).

  21. Select ‘Continue’.

  22. At the Identification (Migrating EDT User or New User) screen, key in your unique identifiers (refer to your ministry letter).

  23. Select ‘Continue’. 

Generally physicians are sent the unique identifiers in a form letter, or obtained by calling the EDT Help Desk.

If you are billing for physicians and don't have direct access to the physicians MCEDT/GoSecure accounts, you would still create your own account (follow steps 1-19) then provide your username/email of registration to the physician who would delegate to your account. Once delegation is complete, you'll have the ability to see the options for all physicians you have access to.

For any issues relating to your MCEDT/GoSecure account, please call the EDT Help Desk toll free hotline at 1 (800) 262-6524

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