We're pleased to announce a general claim import feature to CabMD. The claim import feature allows other systems or people to generate files which can allow bulk claim imports into CabMD for the purposes of billing based on a number of file formats.

Import Formats

To begin, we have defined a generic file format for .csv files which can be used by almost any system. The current version of this template is available here.
At the top of the spreadsheet are the fields that need to be entered, and these need to be labeled as the following:

  • ProviderNumber

    A required field, the six-digit Ministry of Health OHIP billing number.

  • GroupNumber

    An optional four-digit number representing the OHIP billing group, right-justified with leading zeros (ie. 0364, 3510). When billing solo claims, leave it blank or specify 0000.

  • ProvinceCode

    A required field, two-character representation of the province code:

     AB - Alberta
     BC - British Columbia
     MB - Manitoba
     NB - New Brunswick
     NL - Newfoundland and Labrador
     NS - Nova Scotia
     NT - Northwest Territories
     NU - Nunavut
     ON - Ontario
     PE - Prince Edward Island
     SK - Saskatchewan
     YT - Yukon

  • HealthNumber
    A required field, representing the patient's health number. Has a maximum length of 12, though each province has a different set of rules. OHIP health numbers are 10 digits, and must pass the Luhn algorithm - for example.

  • VersionCode
    An optional two-character field for the version code.

  • DOB
    A required field, the patient's date of birth. Formatted MM-DD-YYYY.

  • Gender
    A required field, Male or Female (case-insensitive).

  • ReferringProviderNumber
    An optional six-digit Ministry of Health OHIP billing number representing the referring physician.

  • DiagnosticCode
    An optional four-digit number representing the diagnostic code, right-justified with leading zeros (ie. 0040, 0340).

  • MasterNumber
    An optional four-digit number representing the location the service was performed (ie. 4108, 1100)

  • AdmissionDate
    An optional field, the date of admission related to the claim. Formatted MM-DD-YYYY.

  • ServiceDate
    A required field, the date the service was performed. Formatted MM-DD-YYYY.

  • ServiceCode
    A required field, the service performed. In the format ANNNS, where A is any letter of the alphabet, N is a number (digits 0-9) and S is the suffix A, B or C.

  • ServiceQty
    A required field, the number of services provided or the total number of units to be billed for B and C suffix service codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Can I define my own file format?

    Answer: No, not at this time. Just contact us at support@cab.md and we'll see what we can do.

  • Question: Can I import health encounters using the standard claim import format?

    Answer: Yes, each line needs to have the same general data except the different service codes and service quantities. The lines will be grouped after performing the pending-to-claim import.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We're excited about this new feature, and always looking for feedback.

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