CabMD has many options for different claims; OHIP, Non-OHIP, Quebec, WSIB and RMB claims. This tutorial will show you how to bill a WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) claim.
Step 1: When you are in the Add Claim/Add Health Encounter page, at the very bottom of the claim (under the patient claim history) you will see "Additional Claim Details". This menu is hidden because on average the payment details for the claim remain the same for each claim.

Step 2: When you click on the Additional Claims Details bar, the hidden menu will open. Under the menu, you will see Workers Comp. Clicking on the box beside that, you would change it to Yes. In the comment section, you can enter any comments such as WSIB number that are needed.

Step 3: When you have selected WCB, you can then either close the Additional Claims Details menu and continue editing the claim, or click the Save and Finish icon on the top left of the claim page to save your changes. When the claim is submitted to the MOH, it will be marked for WSIB.

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