In this tutorial we will explain how you can batch import claims, using an excel spreadsheet, and CabMD will create the claims for you. You can then review the claims and submit them as you normally would in CabMD.
To import the claims into CabMD, you must create an excel spreadsheet that follows the format of the CabMD Batch Imput file. Here is the format of the input excel file for you to see the order of the columns. You can then put the information of all your claims on one excel spreadsheet, and import them into CabMD at the same time.

After you've completed the spreadsheet, you can then import that file onto CabMD. Using the CabMD menu on the left hand side, select Claim Import > Upload File.

This will get you to the Uploading Page. Use the drop down at the top to select what time of file you are importing (like the default EXCEL .csv File format), then select the file from your Explorer/Finder window.

After you select the file, click "Upload File". This will upload the file, and CabMD will process the spreadsheet to create the claims. Note: If you've selected "Create Claims" then CabMD will process them overnight to reduce the load on the system for all other users.
After they are created, they will appear in the Pending Imports section. This section should (if the file was properly uploaded) show you all the claims and all of the information from the spreadsheet. You can not edit the claim in this section, so if the information is incorrect, you will have to click the red X icon on the left to delete the claim. If there is a red ! icon, that means there is an error in the claim. You can move your mouse over this icon to see what the error is.

 Here is what the icons to the left of the rows represent:

  • Trillium - Manually import this row as an OHIP claim

  • ⚜ Fleur de Lis - Manually import this row as a Quebec claim

  • Person - Manually import this row as a Non-OHIP claim

  • X - Delete this row

When you are ready, simply click "Import Claims" in the top left of the page. This will import the claims into CabMD, and they will appear in the unsubmitted section of your CabMD account. You can then submit the claims as you normally would.

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