There are many great features in CabMD that cause a new window to open. However, in today's age of advertisements on the internet, most web browsers have a default "Pop-Up Blocker" that disables this option. This lesson will help you allow CabMD to use this feature, while keeping your computer safe.

Google Chrome

To disable this feature in Google Chrome, you first have to open up your settings. This can be found at the top right hand corner of the web browser, beside the address bar. Settings button looks like 3 horizontal lines ..

Next, click "Show Advanced Settings" at the bottom of the settings window. Scroll down to "Privacy". Under Privacy, you will see "Content Settings". Click on this, and scroll down to "Pop-ups". You can either select the "Allow all sites to show pop-ups", but this may allow unwanted windows to show up. The better thing to do, would be to click the "manage Exceptions", and add "" to the list of websites to allow the pop-ups. This will allow CabMD to open these new windows without jeopardizing your internet security.

Mozilla Firefox

To enable pop-ups in Firefox its very similar. You can find the Firefox settings by clicking on the setting icon (3 vertical lines in the top right next to the address bar) and selecting "Options".

Next, click on the 'Content" Tab. The first heading under this tab is the Pop-up blocker. You can add CabMD to the list of websites that allow Pop-up windows by clicking on "Exceptions". Add "" to the list of websites and the windows will appear.

Safari (ver. 6.0 - 8.0 - OS X)

  • Next to the Apple logo at the top left of the browser, you will see the menu heading "Safari". Select this, and select "Preferences". 

  • Click on the "Security" tab in the preference window. 

  • Turn off "Block pop-up windows".

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