With the new GoSecure/MCEDT system, you have to update your user generated password every 120 days (4 months). The following tutorial will show you how to do this, and also how to update your CabMD settings.
Step 1: When you are notified that your password needs to be updated (either by email or by CabMD), you need to update this on the GoSecure website.

Step 2: You need to go to the GoSecure website, https://www.edt.health.gov.on.ca and log in using your current UserID and password.

Step 3: When prompted, update your current password to something new. Confirm your new password.

Step 4: Once you have created a new password, you will need to update your EDT password in CabMD. To do this click on Account and then EDT Manager.

Once this opens, click the pencil next to your EDT username to edit and the following screen will open. Type or paste the new password in and then click Next. This will check with MOH that the password is correct as well as save it in CabMD. Once you have the Success message, click Finish.

Note: Under normal circumstances, CabMD will continually update your EDT password on your behalf using a random letter/number/symbol combination that follows their most secure password guidelines (like sdmJV6hH!wrj). If you work with multiple software for billing your claims, make sure you check your EDT password in CabMD if you can't login elsewhere as we may have updated it. If you don't, you may lock your account or reset it and forget to update CabMD potentially leaving your files unsent.

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