Did you know that you can add your referring physician into CabMD by yourself? I'll show you how ..

First, navigate to the claim add page (you might already be on that page when you noticed the physician was not already in the system. Hover your mouse over the "Referring Physician" label and you'll see the following:

Next: Left click, this will cause the Referring Physician Add Wizard to show.

Once here, you'll notice that there's certain information that we require from you before you can add the physician into the system. Mainly, we require First Name, Last Name, OHIP Provider Number and CPSO Number. If you don't know these values, then you can search for the information on the College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario website. There's a link in the top of the window that will also pop open a new tab or window to the search feature. Alternatively, you could browse to the following:

Type in the information that you have into the form (pictured below) and press 'enter' or click 'search'.

When you have a result, it might appear like so:

This will give you most of the information you will need. First, Last and CPSO. However, the OHIP Provider Number is not shown. To obtain this number, call the office of the doctor you are trying to add and ask for their OHIP Provider Number, which should be a six digit number.

Once you have this information, please enter it into our wizard like so:

.. and don't forget to click on 'Finish' to indicate that you are finished adding in the information about this physician:

Once completed, you may now search for that physician in the drop down and select them for the claim.

If you have any issues trying to complete this process, feel free to contact us and we will show you or add the physician in question into the system.

Common Issues

Due to the nature of crowd sourcing data, you may find one or more of the following issues. These issues can be easily corrected by our staff.

  • Problem: The OHIP billing number for a physician you are looking for in the system is under another name or is incorrect.

    Solution: For quick resolution, if possible, locate the correct OHIP billing number for the existing physician and let us know both numbers (both the OHIP billing number for the physician you're attempting to use, and the correct OHIP billing number for the existing physician that you've found by calling their offices listed on their respective college search results).

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