At CabMD, we want to make your job as easy as possible. We have just introduced a new "Claims Search" feature on your dashboard. This allows you to search your records/submissions based on various search fields. They include: Claims Number (ie. 0001AB2C), Patient Name (first or last name), Heath Care Number or Medical Record Number, Entry Date (date the claim was created), service date and admission date.

To get to this page, simply click on the "Find a Claim" button on the bottom of your Dashboard. This will open up the search wizard and you may enter the information you wish to search by.

To search for a patients Health Card Number, you can simply type the HCN into the search field. When you are finished putting in the HCN, you can either press the Enter key, or click the magnifying glass icon.

You will see some icons to the left of the Claims you find. Here is a breakdown of what those icons represent:

If you enter a specific claim, the claim will appear in the "Selected Claim" section, and will show you all of the information about this specific claim.

To search by date, you need to put the date in as MM-DD-YYYY, or "9-September-2015".

You can also search by date range. You can enter two dates, and CabMD will list every claim you entered or serviced between those dates.

To search for a patients name, simply type in their first or last name in the search field.

You can also search by Accounting Number. You don't have to put the full number in. If the claim was "0001PVD1", you can simply type "1PVD1" into the field. If you want to see a range of accounting numbers, you can add the second accounting number to the search field, and CabMD will search for all the claims within that range of accounting numbers for you.

One other thing you can do, is combine a text search (Name, claim #, HCN) with a Date search to further your searches. Here is an example of how to do that.

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