We only have ONE pricing model in place - which you can view here. This may change in the future, but for now we wanted a pricing model which reflected our company goals of being the easiest and most simple OHIP billing system currently on the market.

Our pricing is $0.10/paid service or premium code regardless of quantity or fee.


Scenario A - Total Cost $0.10

  • A consult (like A135A, etc)

Scenario B - Total Cost $0.20

  • A consult (like A135A, etc)

  • A travel premium (like K963A)

There is also a one-time only activation fee of $299 that will be applied to your account after you complete your trial period and continue to use CabMD. This activation fee covers ongoing support, staffing and servers of CabMD.

CabMD Scheduler

Our patient appointment scheduling component is available for $29.99/month. When enabled, it will automatically be added to your monthly total.

Charging for Tracking Codes

We charge $0.10/code for an assessment worth $60.  We charge $0.10/code for aortic valve surgery worth $2000.  We also charge $0.10/code for shadow billing worth $0. We've tried to be as transparent as possible with our pricing, and we have modeled our pricing model to reflect the costs that we incur in order to deliver our service to our clients. We believe that this most fairly remunerates us for the services that we provide, which includes the substantial overhead of processing and remitting of claims, irrespective of the value of the claim. We do not think that it is fair to charge a surgeon $5.00 to submit a claim for a surgery and $0.00 to submit a claim for another physician who is shadow billing. 

Please note that our rate of $0.10/claim works out to be less than 1/10th of 1% (0.07%, actually) for the average user. This compares to our competitor which charges 0.25% of billable earnings. So we are providing, what we believe to be better service than our competitor, at a quarter of the cost, on average.


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